A Simple Guide To Organizing An Office Move

The initial thought of new office space can be exciting! Then the list of upcoming moving tasks runs through your mind. The to-do list seems endless, and panic sets in.

How will you make an office move without business coming to a screeching halt?

Don’t worry; a seamless office move is possible! All you need is some planning, open communication, and a little help.

Let’s look at a simple guide to making your office move a success.

Start Planning Early

Moving an office is no small task! Do your business a favor and start planning at least six months before the scheduled move.

Get a project plan and team together to keep everything running smoothly. This plan should outline things that need to get done, who is in charge of what, and when the deadlines for each task are.

Have regular meetings to keep all project leads on task and in the loop.

Talk to Your Employees

Keeping employees informed about the office move is just as important. If you don’t, it could cause confusion and delays.

Let them know who the project leads are, when the move date is, and if they get assigned to any moving duties. Also, let them know who to contact should they have any questions.

Closer to the move date, give your employees all the information they need to know about the new building. Highlight any key features of the office space. Setting up a tour may even get their excitement levels up.

Notify Your Service Providers

The key to moving offices with little to no business disruption is the ability to unplug from the old office and plug into the new with ease. To do this, you need to notify all your service providers of the move well in advance.

Make sure you schedule services such as utilities, internet, and phone to be ready to go. Don’t forget to notify the mail and delivery services.

Also, make sure your IT department is available to help if any issues come up.

Hire Corporate Movers

With something as important as moving your office, you can’t rely on just any movers. You need a crew who has experience with minimizing downtime during a commercial move.

Corporate movers know exactly what goes into an office move. They can help you plan in a way that meets your needs, whether it’s moving all in one day or moving in phases.

Plus, they will help pack your things and reinstall them in the new place, taking one more task off your shoulders.

Tell Your Customers and Clients

Notify all your customers and clients of your move well in advance. That way, they know where to find you and anticipate any possible delays in communication or service.

Don’t rely on one form of communication to get your message across. Send letters, post on your social media accounts, send emails, and add the info to your website. You can even issue a press release or host a party for clients in your new office to celebrate.

Make Your Office Move Seamless

You can keep business booming, even through an office move. By using these tips, your move will be just as exciting as you hoped it could be. Need experienced corporate movers for your new office space? Contact us today for a free quote!