Top 10 Tips for a Smooth and Successful Office Move

So business has grown, and now you need to move to another space. It’s an exciting time, and it means your business is on an upswing.

More and more small US businesses are growing, and now yours is one of them. But like any move, it means there’s a lot to do. You want everything to go as smooth as possible so you can get back to work fast.

If you’ve got an office move to plan for, don’t let it stress you out. Here are 10 top tips for a smooth move.

1. Let Your Employees Know ASAP

The first and one of the most important steps when it comes to moving is to let people know. Moving your office isn’t something to surprise your staff with, so tell them as soon as possible.

Like any move, moving your office can bring with it some mental adjustment. When you let them know early, they can start to prepare themselves.

It can also give them more time to make any arrangements: i.e., learn a new route to work.

2. Hire Commercial Movers

Office relocation is like a home move, but with more responsibility. You don’t want to run the risk of damaging company property or losing valuable items.

Instead, hire a commercial moving company who knows what they’re doing. They will make sure everything gets to the new location safe and sound.

They save a lot of worries as well as time and energy!

3. What Needs to Go?

In your time in this office, you and your employees have accumulated a lot of stuff. Lots will be useful, but lots can go.

Make a list of everything you need for the new place. Cull through old files, any that don’t meet the offices’ retention criteria should be eliminated. Reducing clutter has a lot of great benefits and can make us more productive.

4. Take Inventory

When you know what you’re bringing to the new space, it’s important to take stock. Make a list of everything in inventory and make sure to keep it safe.

This will help when you move into the new office location to make sure that everything is accounted for. Also, let each department head know which of their items are there and give them a list too.

5. Update Your Address

You must also update your business address. Make sure the business address is up to date on the company website and marketing materials.

Alert your clients, and vendors before the move so that they are aware of the situation and have your new address and phone numbers available.

6. Plan the Timeline of the Move

It’s one thing to know the move out date of your old office space, but make sure you coordinate with the move-in date. If you leave your old space before you can move into the new one, it could pose a challenge.

Lots of office spaces won’t let you move in during business hours, so you’ll need to plan it for an evening or weekend. Try to schedule the move within these hours, so you aren’t office-less for any amount of time!

7. Make the IT Department a Priority

One of the first things to do when relocating your offices is to move the IT department first. It’s not favoritism; it’s smart thinking.

Get all the IT equipment set up first so you can get back online and have the phones going again. Even if everything else takes a little longer, you won’t be losing business by being off the network.

8. Get a Deep Clean

Like any other move, you want the place to be shiny and new when you arrive. This means giving it a deep clean. Get professionals in to clear the cobwebs and make the place feel fresh.

It might also be a good idea to get the old office space a clean before you leave.

9. Change the Locks

When you get to your new place, change the locks and security codes. Only give your employees access to it and don’t let strangers know.

You don’t know who worked at the last place or if they could come back. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so change the locks for more secure entry.

10. Throw a Party!

The last and and yet a key step for any move: throw an office-warming party! You and your employees have worked hard to get to this new place, and it’s time to celebrate!

Start creating great new memories and reward everyone for their hard work with a great party! It’s sure to be the best way to put everyone in a great mood and love their new office.

These Tips Will Make Your Office Move Easy

An office move is a great new start for your business and can mean great things. These tips will help everything go smoothly so you can get back to work fast.

Moving your offices soon? Check out our corporate moving services to see how we can help.

The Best Ways To Transfer Your Utilities When Moving

For some people, moving will seem like a breeze. For others, it will feel overwhelming because of the numerous things to keep track of. Don’t hit the panic button just yet. Here we will walk you through what you need to do to successfully (and quickly) transfer your utility bills.

1. Create a List of Utility Services

Make a list of the utility services you use, alongside the provider information and account details. Create an excel spreadsheet for this information. Keep the information on the spreadsheet clear and concise. Note each time you contact the company and why.

Some regular providers will form the core of your list including water, television, internet, telephone, gas, electricity, mail, home security, and waste removal.  

2. Decide a Cut-off Date

Depending on whether new homeowners will move in as soon as you vacate your old home or not, you may choose to have your disconnection date scheduled for a day or two after you are expected to move out.

Giving yourself a day or two window is wise in case something happens and your move is delayed slightly. This will mean that at least you’ll be able to use the lights and water.

3. Contact Providers

Once you have decided your disconnection date, give yourself a month to notify each provider of your moving plans. Some will only require a telephone call while others may need confirmation in writing.

Providers will send you a final invoice, so keep an updated note of when this arrives on your spreadsheet. If, for any reason, the final invoice does not come before your move date, remember to contact the provider and give them your new address. This will save you from any unfortunate late fees or credit issues.

4. Take Final Meter Readings

This is one step some customers forget, and it is harder to resolve once you have moved. Write down on your excel spreadsheet your final meter readings. Also take a photo of the meter, to combat any potential discrepancies down the line.

Request a final email or letter stating that the account has been cleared and is now closed. Keep this for your future records. If moving within the same state, ask your current provider if they offer services in your new zip code area.

5. Forward Your Mail

The fastest and easiest way to change your mailing address is to visit USPS online. There is a $1 charge, and you will receive confirmation via email almost immediately. Or, drop in at your local post office and handle it in person. Just complete and return a form to change your address. Confirmation will take a minimum of five days and will be sent to your new address.  

6. Find Service Providers for Your New Location

If you are moving into a shared property or an apartment, the landlord or realtor will have service providers’ information. For those moving into a house, contact the local electricity distribution company. Or, check here.  

Take the opportunity to meet your neighbors and ask them who provides the services to their home. You never know, their provider may have a ‘refer a friend’ style deal which you can take advantage of.

Stay Organized

One of the most important things to be aware of when moving is that you will have many things happening at once. From packing up boxes to organizing the movers and even forwarding your mail. The easiest way to stay calm and relaxed during this busy time is by keeping clear notes and staying organized.

Need help with your relocation? Contact us at Browning Moving & Storage. We can help you make the move.

Check Out the Top 6 Coffeehouses in Tallahassee

As Americans, we guzzle an incredible 400 million cups of coffee per day which equates to a whopping 146 billion cups of coffee per year, As the leading consumer of coffee, we have come to expect great things from our baristas. Moving to a new city could send you into a panic of where your new coffeehouse will be. So, don’t panic and instead read our list of the top six coffeehouses in Tallahassee. Let’s get started.

1. Lucky Goat

Specializing in single and cold brews, Lucky Goat is the ideal coffeehouse for a relaxing morning coffee. If you ask a local, they might even tell you that Lucky Goat’s cold brew is the best in town. If you’re a fan, you can buy blended beans so that you can taste the Lucky Goat in your own home.

2. Catalina Cafe

This hipster coffeehouse is ideal for a coffee fix with friends. In a brick building covered in graffiti, you won’t be able to miss it. Also, because it is located near the park, it’s easy to while away a few hours on a sunny afternoon. Our favorite thing about Catalina’s is the fact that, to avoid diluted cold brew, they use coffee ice cubes. Try one of the specialty coffees which are all roasted in-house with natural extracts and organic sugar. Anyone up for a Nutty Natalie or Zoe’s Revenge?

3. All Saints Cafe

This favorite cafe is open 24 hours, so it is excellent for a late night coffee. It’s also a popular student, and co-working spot so expect to see rows of people on laptops or with their heads in textbooks. This warehouse-style spot offers a great coffee with an indie vibe, free WiFi, and arcade games.

4. Black Dog Cafe

Overlooking Lake Ella, this favorite coffeehouse uses Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters for their creations. Head to Black Dog Cafe if specialist lattes are your favorite thing. The cafe is dog-friendly, so you can enjoy your coffee with your furry friend. During the week WiFi is free, but on the weekends it is turned off to encourage friendly conversations instead.

5. RedEye Coffee

Need to get some work done, but need a coffee to get through it? Then RedEye Coffee is the place for you. With environmentally friendly cups and safe, shade-grown, organic coffee you can have a cup of coffee without the guilt. RedEye Coffee also donates all of their after-tax profits to local and global humanitarian causes. They don’t mess around with their coffee creations so expect more traditional, but excellently brewed coffee styles.

6. Southern Velvet Coffee

This recently opened cafe has already received rave reviews, and it’s easy to see why. With a quirky 1950s theme, you can expect cute coffee names and a fun ambiance. Try the Mazagran which mixes Cuban-style espresso, cold brew, and lemon. For something a bit more glam, try the Chantilly Lace latte.

Pour Us Another…

These coffeehouses are just the tip of the iceberg in Tallahassee, FL. Each one has its own vibe and community, so, if you’re moving to Tallahassee, check out the coffeehouses in your new neighborhood. A local coffeehouse is a great place to meet new neighbors.

Calculating Moving Costs: Short vs. Long Distance Moving Company Rates

So you’ve got to make a move. Maybe it has to do with work, perhaps it’s the kids, or even just wanting a new spin on the neighborhood feel. Whatever the case, you really are looking forward to moving out and living someplace new.

Sounds great and all except that you didn’t really factor in the long distance moving companies rates.

Of course, the further you move, the more it’s going to cost you; that much is obvious. But what else goes into the long haul, and how does it compare to the shorter journeys?

Well, you’re about to find out all about it.

All About Long Distance Moving Companies Rates

The cost of long distance movers consists of various things that you need to consider before you sign on with a company. Read on to find out more.

How Long is Long?

The first thing you need to know is how long a trip has to be to be considered a long one. The length of a long trip can vary from mover to mover, but in general, if your trip is anywhere under 400 miles, it is considered a short trip.

More likely than not, your trip won’t be that long, but in any case, it’s a good idea to make sure you know the distance you plan to travel to be sure.

How Much Are You Taking?

Another critical factor is how much you’re hauling to the other side. Even if you aren’t traveling 1,000 miles, if you carry boatloads of stuff, you will be charged as if you are.

This makes sense, of course: if you carry a lot of items, the company has to use a lot of resources to move them – and someone has to pay for all the costs.

Think about what you do (and don’t) need to take with you before you start packing. You might just find that it’ll save you a pretty penny.

How Much Does It Weigh?

Let’s say that you aren’t going far and you aren’t carrying many items. Sounds good, but how much do your items weigh? Most people don’t tend to have a bunch of really heavy items just lying around, but if that’s your case, expect the company to charge you the long haul cost.

Again, this makes sense because the movers have to use heavy-duty trucks to move your heavy duty stuff. That’s a lot of machinery and fuel that has to be taken into account.

Knowing these factors, it’s best for you to go back and check your inventory so you can be prepared to pay for the short – or the long – haul.

We Can Get You Moving

Now that you know how the considerations for calculating a long distance moving companies rates, you need to know who you can count on to move your items for the best price. That’s where we come in.

At Browning Moving, we make sure to give our customers the best we have to offer in the moving business for a great price. We offer packing and unpacking services, as well as storage and auto transport for local, long distance, and commercial moving.

Moving Day Approaching? Where To Donate Items Before You Move

Relocating to a new home and hoping to start fresh? Sort through all of your old belongings first so that you take only what you need. Not only will this save you valuable time later, but it may also save you money.

One person’s trash may be another person’s treasure. So, before you reach for that trash bag be sure to check out our top tips for donating items.

Sell Unwanted Clothes Online

A few extra dollars in your pocket may come in handy when moving.

List some of your unwanted items on a resellers website. There are a many different websites to choose from, such as, Poshmark, and Thredup. Before signing up check how much commission the site will take for each item sold.

Donate Clothes to a Local Charity

This one is easy. If your clothes no longer fit or you simply don’t like their style, you can donate them to a local non-profit such as Goodwill or Salvation Army, or a local church or shelter. Many of us tend to hold onto clothes much longer than other items.

Save space in your new house and ask yourself, “Do I really need three plaid shirts? Should I hold onto my old prom dress, just in case it comes in handy?”

The answer to both of these questions is probably, “no.”

So, search online to find a local cause that you can support with a clothing donation. Remember, the more room you have in your closet, the bigger excuse for shopping.

Take Books to a Library for Others to Enjoy

Reading a good book can transport you to a fantasy world. But, books are heavy items that take-up a lot of space.

Take a look at your book collection and determine of there are some that you can part with. Contact your local library to see if they take donations. Or, locate local thrift shops that will.

If you have a lot of children’s books, consider donating to a school.

Deliver Gently-Used Furniture to Furniture Banks

Choosing to take or leave your furniture when moving can be a difficult decision. Remember that all of your furniture will need to fit through the door of your new house. If it does not, you will have to either dismantle them or donate them.

Some organizations offer a pick-up service for furniture donations. This will save you time, energy and money during your move. Consider donating your furniture to a local Furniture Bank; the store in Tallahassee remains the only free source of furniture in the area.  

Sell Electronics

Used cell phones and other handheld electronics such as Kindles and iPads can be sold to Decluttr. They even buy used Legos by the pound.

Let’s Get Packing

As you start packing up your house to move you might not realize how much you have and how much you might be able to part with. After all, moving is a great time to purge and start fresh in your new home.

Need help with packing and your move? Contact us; we can help!