Create A Perfect ‘Moving Plan’ With These Essentials

We’ve all relocated at some point; those long sleepless nights, the endless lists circling in your head, the ever-expanding budget and so on. So, let’s momentarily step-in as your virtual assistant and tell you exactly what needs to be included in your moving plan to ensure that you stay stress-free.

Make a Moving Binder

Start off right by getting and staying organized. Create a moving binder to keep all of your move-related documents. Here you can keep all of your checklists, proposals, contracts, measurements, receipts, and all items related to your move.

Divide the binder into useful sections to keep all your pertinent information at your fingertips. Perhaps one half of the binder is material related to your current home, and the other half is specific to your new home.

Craft a Master To-Do List

A successful move depends on excellent planning and timing. Create a master to-do list to help guide you through the entire moving process. Find one online or customize your own list to be your individualized resource during your relocation journey. Place your master list in your moving binder to keep everything in one central place.

Be Brave and Budget

Moving costs can easily multiply without you even realizing it. Many tend to underestimate how the cost of relocation can add to the stress of moving. It’s essential to dedicate a little time creating a personalized moving budget, so you know what to expect.

Consider every possible expense associated with your move when you develop your budget. That may include everything from: the packaging, storage space, and insurance, to take out meals, childcare, and pet sitters. There are hundreds of budget templates online so you can source one most suitable or create your own in excel.

Make a Floor Plan

Fun and practical at the same time, a floor plan of your new home will come in handy. Share this floorplan with your movers so they can see where items need to go. You can create a floor plan on paper, or you use an online website like Homestyler.

Plan a Purge

Now is the perfect time to purge your home of items you longer need. Delve into that cabinet that hasn’t been opened for years, donate unwanted clothes to charity, and think carefully before deciding if you really need your collection of old cell phones which have been collecting dust since 1999.

Also, consider that some items might be less expensive to replace once you arrive at your new home than they are to move.

Moving Day Schedule

As part of your moving binder, you might have a specific list for the actual moving day. Your schedule can be as detailed or loose as it suits you, but remember to be clear in your communication and expectation with your movers and helpers. Coordinate and confirm the times with everyone from your pet-sitter to the person at the new home waiting for the movers to arrive.

Ready for the Big Move

With these moving plans in place you will be prepared and in control on moving day, and you won’t feel quite so overwhelmed. If you need more help with your move contact us today!