Declutter Time: What to Sell at a Garage Sale to Make It Worth It

All told, the total weekly income from garage sales is about $4,222,375. There is an average of 165,000 per week. That’s only $25 per yard sale. 

Still, you hear tales of people raking in anywhere from $300 to $1,000 per yard sale.

How do they do it?! 

The answer is more simple than you might think. They sell the right items. 

Do you want a bigger piece of that four million-dollar pie? Read on, and we’ll tell you what to sell at your garage sale so you can. 

Picture Frames

You may not think it, but picture frames are big sellers at garage sales. 

Amateur photographers need them so they can display their works of art. Moms and dads want them so they can show off their growing families. Even Do It Yourselfers claim them to complete their projects. 

Depending on the quality and size, you can price 8 x 10 frames at $5 and large poster-size frames at $20. 


This is the era of shabby chic. People love finding old furniture and restoring or repurposing it.

Even if you think your old coffee table is a worthless piece of junk, don’t throw it out. What’s one person’s junk might be another person’s treasure!

At the very least, it will catch someone’s eye as they pass by, drawing them into your sale to browse around. This opens the door to other sales opportunities. 

There is one caveat. Most people want to haggle at garage sales. Work in a 15 to 20 percent cushion on furniture items so you can get what you want out of it. 


Vintage and costume jewelry is always in style. Brooches, necklaces, rings, and earrings attract the young and old alike. 

A parent might buy a child a shiny trinket to complement their princess gown. A Halloween goer may need an ornate retro headband to go with their flapper dress. The elderly woman down the street may find herself transported to better days when she looks at a vintage necklace. 

Even if a piece is tarnished, it may still sell. DIYers are always looking for something cheap they can clean up and turn into something extraordinary. 


Tools that are in good, working condition are best sellers at garage sales. 

Over the years, people accumulate lots of tools. 

When you go through your garage, you’ll likely find a whole slew of tools, many of which are duplicates. Your customers can restock their tool kits with missing items from your collection, and you can reap the rewards when they do. 

Sports Equipment

Kids outgrow old hobbies and start new ones all the time. Buying new equipment every time they do gets expensive fast. That’s why many parents skip the sports stores and go to yard sales instead. 

It’s a win-win for both you and your customers. You’ll get to recoup some of your original costs. They’ll get the equipment they need at a fraction of the price. 

This is another item you’ll probably want to pad the pricing on in preparation for haggling. 

Now You Know What to Sell at a Garage Sale

It’s time to get to selling! 

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