“Honey! We’re Moving!” How To Tell Your Kids About The Big Move

The average individual moves more than 11 times in their lives. It’s easy enough when you’re an adult and responsible for only yourself. But when you have kids, telling them “we’re moving,” can be truly difficult.

They may not always understand why the family is moving and having to leave their friends, school, and the neighborhood they know is a source of stress.

But don’t panic. There are ways to tell your kids about an upcoming move without making it seem like a sad event. Here’s how.

Choose the Right Time to Say “We’re Moving”

Your kids will have questions about the move, the reasons behind it, and what they can expect. Make sure you tell them when you have time to answer those questions.

Schedule a family meeting, discuss it after dinner, or find a time where everyone can talk through things thoroughly. Take the time to answer their questions to the best you can and be honest with them.

Stand Your Ground

Your kids might try to convince you to change your mind or to put the move off until a later date. And even if you can, don’t. Stand firm and let them know that the decision is already made.

As the date of the move draws closer, show your excitement about it. Your kids will read your emotions, and if you’re excited, it’s easier for them to feel excited, too.

Explain That Moving Doesn’t Mean Leaving Friends

The biggest concern for most kids is the thought of having to leave their friends behind. While they may not be able to see them as often, there’s no reason your kids should feel that they have to give up their friendships when you move.

Talk with them and generate ideas to help them stay close with the people they care about. Once you move, you can arrange regular playdates and gatherings with old friends to help your kids stay connected.

If you’re moving a further distance, consider coordinating video chats throughout the month to help your kids maintain those long-distance friendships.

Get Them Involved

Show them photos of the new house and ask them to help you with packing up your current home. When your kids feel involved in the move, it can make the experience less stressful.

They feel in control of the situation, even if you’re supervising the process. When kids can help out, they feel like the move is a genuine family effort. Assisting boosts their confidence and allows them to take ownership of the upcoming change.

Explore your new neighborhood before the move. Take a ride past your home and a new community to get them excited about the possibilities. Scope out local parks, community centers, and maybe even a pizza place for family meals. If you are too far from the new neighborhood to take a drive through it, hop online and take a virtual tour. 

Final Thoughts

Telling the kids “we’re moving” is one of the most stressful parts of any move. These tips will make the process easier and help your kids cope with the changes better.When you’re ready to start thinking about moving, contact our team, and schedule an estimate. Our experienced movers will get your stuff to your new home safely and quickly.