How To Avoid Unexpected Additional Moving Costs

It is key to stay on top of your moving budget when relocating. Without care and attention, you might find your costs start spiraling out of control. To save you stress, and your dollars, we’ve come up with the best ways to avoid any monetary surprises.

Written Quote

Avoid unnecessary moving day cost surprises by getting a written quote. Work with a moving company that will send a moving specialist out to your home to estimate the approximate size and weight of your belongings and to speak with you about your moving day needs. At the end of the consultation, the moving specialist will give you a written estimate of your moving costs.

Be sure to ask about any additional charges that might arise that might affect your quote. If you don’t ask or note the details of your contract, you might not budget enough for the move.

Follow Packing Rules

Do you know precisely how your moving company wants your items packed? To avoid breakage of any of your special items make sure you follow their instructions. Arm yourself with the right packing material; packing paper, bubble wrap, solid boxes, and tape. Properly packed items will save you time and money in the long run.

Avoid Waiting Fees by Creating a Schedule

Start planning and scheduling your move six weeks in advance. One of the most significant unseen charges when relocating is the waiting time fee charged for overtime. It can add up quickly and soon your expected budget is shot. Waiting time often occurs when there is no access to the new property. If you aren’t there, ask a friend or family member to be based at the new property so that upon arrival the movers can gain instant access.

Utility Costs

Water, gas, and electricity are all necessities, but many hidden costs that can pop up. You may find that there is a cancellation or new account service fee with your provider. If you are moving a long distance, it might be true that you have to change service providers and this may see an increase in price. Research companies in your new town for better deals on utilities. The US News and World Report recommend keeping a file with your bills to ensure you are not overcharged. This will be particularly useful if you are in the situation of paying for both your old house and new house utilities for a short ‘cross-over’ period.

Update Address and Cancel Memberships

Make a list of all of your recurring expenses and make sure that they are covered, canceled or changed for the move. Even though you may have forwarded bills to your new address, the time it could take for the transfer – depending on where you move – could cause charges to incur. When possible, switch to online correspondence to receive your bills directly and avoid those expenses.

Also, make sure you cancel memberships at local gyms, swimming pools, clubs, and day care centers. You don’t want to continue paying for these services after you have moved.

Ask the Experts

The best way to avoid unexpected costs is to plan and make sure that you have contingencies in place. Speak to your moving company, remember that they are the experts in relocating and can help make sure that your big day goes without any surprises. We can help with your move. Reach out to us for a free quote!