Moving Day Tips: How to Make the Day Go as Smoothly as Possible

When you’re trying to find help with your next move, it’s essential to put together a to-do list. By controlling the variables that you can, and leaving the rest to a mover, you can count on a successful move. 

So, what should you know about planning your move?

Use the moving day tips below to start your to-do list. It will make the moving process easy. 

1. Book Your Move as Early as Possible

When you can plan a move out in detail, you can count on it being effective and speedy. 

As soon as you know your moving date, call to schedule your moving company. Calling as early as possible will save you headaches later. 

2. Get Specific About the Services You Need

Moving pros can provide many services. Quality movers can pack your boxes, load the truck, move your household goods, and provide help with special items that are heavy or difficult to lift and move. 

You can also get a more accurate price quote when you explain your moving needs in detail. Give your mover time to put together everything that you need, so that your service is customized to your move. 

3. Schedule Your Utilities 

Notify your utility companies so that you can get your accounts switched over to your new address. Or, if you are moving out of the area, schedule to have your utilities turned off at your old place and on at your new one.

By confirming in advance that you have service at the new address, you won’t be left in the dark on moving day. Likewise, schedule the activation of your internet and television service so that your communication infrastructure is set up correctly. 

4. Use Self-Storage to Ease the Burden of the Move

Renting a temporary storage unit is an excellent idea for anyone planning out a move. 

For some, this is an important option when your new home isn’t quite ready, or if you need to store certain items until the timing is right. 

Price out these services so that you can factor it into your moving budget. 

5. Have an Overnight Box

Finally, you need to make sure that you are personally prepared for the move. By the time you get to your new home, you will likely be exhausted and ready to unwind before unpacking everything. 

While packing up your old home, designate a box or bag that has all of the things that you will need immediately in your new home. Be sure that you include toiletries, medications, electronics chargers, snacks, and cleaning products. You might also want to include a change of clothes so that you have them available right away.

Make sure that you prepare your kids for the move, and set their favorite belongings aside as well. Pack their favorite items like stuffed animals and necessary clothes in your overnight box as well. They will feel reassured upon arrival in your new home if they have their cherished belongings right away.  

Use These Moving Tips to Make Your Day Go Smoothly

These moving day tips will prepare you for whatever the day brings. Keep these tips in mind and put them to use, whether you’re moving locally or to a different state. 

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