Tips for Relocating Your Office Without Interrupting Productivity

You’ve needed more elbow room to run and grow your business for years. So, naturally, you couldn’t be more ecstatic to be moving your company to a brand-new location.

Of course, the part you’re probably not as excited about is the move itself.

The good news? Even though relocating your office means you have to shut down operations, the right steps can help you to keep productivity up during your move.

Here’s a rundown on the top business moving tips for relocating your office this year.

Let’s get started!

Devise a Plan

As early as possible, develop a plan to ensure minimal disruption to your operations.

Connect with key team members and make lists of the various tasks that need completing before the move. Plan what must be organized, coordinated, and moved.

Create a Timeline and Moving Schedule

Develop a realistic timeline and schedule for your move. Consider things like:

  • How much time before your company needs to be out of its current location?
  • How much overlap is there with your current location and when you have access to the new office?
  • Schedule enough time for your team to get everything sorted and packed before the move date.

Focus on Setting Up Your Technology First

Whether you own a large, medium-sized, or small business, your telecommunications and information technology networks are critical.

Ensure that your technology services and equipment have already been set up in new your new office space before you move your company there.

Stay Connected By Phone

One of the worst things that can happen during your move is for you to lose business because your clients are dialing a phone number no longer in service.

Fortunately, you can use a service to have all of your old phone numbers’ calls forwarded to your new business number. Having this service in place for between three and six months will likely be sufficient to avoid missing out on brand-new business.

Have Critical Meetings Offsite

Perhaps you’re scheduled to go over a major deal with a potential client during the time of your move. Naturally, you’d prefer for the client not to become distracted by the people moving you into your new location.

Avoid disruption by booking a meeting room offsite. This is an excellent way to maintain a professional meeting with your client without having to worry about being distracted and interrupted.

Select the Right Movers

Secure a professional moving team with a solid reputation for facilitating office moves that reduce businesses’ downtime. And, one that has top storage and moving equipment at their disposal. 

Your moving company should provide qualified and highly trained moving personnel prepared to provide you with customized services based on your needs. Choose experts that will help ensure a smooth and efficient move from beginning to end.

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