Tips for Moving with Pets

Whether you’re moving across state lines or to the next town over, moving is a hassle for everyone involved. That stress is exacerbated when you have to care for a pet who may not understand what is going on. Pet transport can be so challenging that many families wonder whether to leave their pets behind before a move.

Luckily, moving with pets does not have to be difficult at all. With proper planning and preparation, caring for your pets can be one of the easiest parts of your move. Here are some tips to consider when moving with pets.

1. Manage Your Pet’s Stress Levels

Just like it’s important to keep your stress levels in check during a move, it’s essential to keep your pets calm. The loud noises of moving may be a significant stressor for your pets, so keeping them in a room with less noise exposure can be key while preparing.

Once you arrive at your new destination, it’s a good idea to let your pet familiarize itself with its new surroundings. A good tip is to set up a room for your pet first to maximize the amount of exposure your pet gets to its new home.

2. Prepare an Overnight Kit

Thanks to the uncertainty of packing and unpacking, it’s vital to have easy access to anything your pet may need. Having an overnight kit filled with food, medications, and proof of ownership is key during pet transport.

If any emergencies do occur while moving, you can be sure that your pet will be safe. Without that overnight kit, you may have to rummage through many boxes to grab your pet’s necessities in the case of an emergency.

3. Contact The Vets

Communicating with both your original vet and the vet at your destination is a good idea to keep them both updated on your move. It is important that your vet advises you of any changes that you need to consider with the move.

Your vet may also be instrumental when advising you on how to monitor your pet’s stress levels. They will give you good suggestions for any changes to make while moving and will help prepare you for the move.

4. Records Update

Just like when you change your driver’s license after a move, you will need to update your pet’s records to reflect your new address. Changing the records of everything from your pet’s tag to its microchip is key when moving.

It is important to reflect this change early in case of any emergencies. You will want to have all of your information up to date if your pet gets lost or sick, to ease yours and your pet’s stress.

Preparing For Pet Transport

Moving is a hectic time for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be for your pet. By preparing in advance and having a plan ready, your pet’s move can be a piece of cake!

If you need help with any aspect of your move, be sure to contact us! We’ll be there for the moving needs of everyone in your family, especially your beloved pets!