Top 5 Moving Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them

Picture this; you’re happily relaxing at home with a nice coffee, safe in the knowledge that the next day you will be relocating. The phone rings. Suddenly, your perfectly organized big move has turned into a disaster. Let us save you from this scenario and help you avoid the top five pitfalls that people who are moving face.  

1. Damaged Goods

Solve by: Appropriate packing

Before you start packing boxes, talk with your moving company and ask about their packing policies. Most companies have preferences of how items are wrapped and can offer tips and guidance. Be sure to think about:

  • How many boxes do you need? What are the best sizes?
  • Have you purchased enough bubble wrap and packing paper to ensure that your fragile items arrive intact?
  • Could you save newspaper a few weeks beforehand to use as lining?

2. Boxes Aren’t Ready

Solve by: Begin packing earlier

Sometimes people moving underestimate the amount of time it will take them to pack their own boxes. Don’t start your packing the night before. As soon as you know your move day, you should begin the packing process.

Ideally at least six weeks before your move day, start by purging the items you longer need or use. Then begin packing at least a few boxes each day so that you are not left with the lion’s share of the packing as the big day draws near. Start with areas and items you use less frequently like guest bedrooms, attics, and basements and leave the bathroom, and bedrooms for the last areas to be boxed up.

Stick to a schedule and plan to complete the packing at least one day before moving day.

3. Furniture Doesn’t Fit

Solve by: Measure everything

At first glance, you were confident that sectional sofa was going to fit up the stairs easily, but, for now, it appears to be stuck halfway. If you don’t want this situation to occur, make sure that you accurately measure the furniture and the area that it needs to be placed. This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to moving day.

4. Surprise Overspending

Solve by: Budget, budget, budget

Even in the best times, we all worry about expenses. Ensure that you have secured, in writing, your moving quote. You’ll then need to work-out additional costs for relocating and enter this information into a spreadsheet. Be as concise as possible; if you think you will need to stay in a hotel for a night, then include it. If you need to board your pet pooch at a sitter for a week, then plan that cost in too. Don’t be left with a nasty surprise at the end of your move.  

5. Argh! Nothing is Going as Planned!

Solve by: Creating a solid moving day schedule with a contingency plan

It can’t stress enough how important it is to have a solid moving day schedule in place. Make sure that you and your moving company know exactly what should happen, when and, of course, where the items will end up. It may seem like more work in the lead-up to the day, but believe us, it will save you a lot of stress.

Sleep With Peace of Mind

Some of the things mentioned above might seem obvious to you now, but in the throes of moving day, things can easily be forgotten. Make sure that you avoid these top 5 pitfalls and create a step-by-step moving day checklist.