20 Items to Include in Your First-Night Kit

Most people pack a first-night box (or several containers) to keep with them for their first night in a new home. These boxes can be a lifesaver. No late-night runs to the store; everything you need will be at your fingertips.

Some things are simple to overlook. Here is a list of 20 essential things you don’t want to forget to pack when making a household move.

For the Kitchen

1. Snacks. Either plan for non-perishable foods or put together a cooler.

2. Drinks. Pack refillable water bottles, cups, bottled drinks, and juice boxes.

3. Plates, utensils, and paper towels. You’ll need to eat at some point. Pack plates and utensils for each person or plan for disposables.

4. Dish detergent and a sponge. If it will take a few days to unpack, be sure you’ve got these two critical items.

For the Bathroom

5. Toilet paper. You almost certainly won’t have toilet paper in your new home. So, plan to bring one roll per bathroom.

6. Hand soap. Another essential item you won’t find ready for you upon arrival.

7. Shower curtain and curtain hooks. Moving is a lot of work; if anyone needs a shower, be prepared.

8. Bath mat. This way, no one slips after their shower.

9. Towels and hand towels. Pack enough to get you through a day or two.

10. Toothbrush and toothpaste. These are easy items to forget — make these a priority!

For the Bedroom

11. Sheet and blankets. Ensure each household member has sheets and a blanket for their beds. This way, you don’t have to hunt for them after you arrive since everyone wants a good night’s rest after a hard day’s work.

12. Pillows and pillowcases. These will aid in everyone getting a comfortable and good night’s sleep.

13. Pajamas. Pack sleepwear for each household member so no one has to sleep in the same clothes they wore during the move.

14. Special sleep items. If you have children who need a binky, blanket, or stuffed toy to sleep, make sure it’s in your first-night box. Other essential items might be a sound machine, a nightlight, or a nightguard.

Other Important Items

15. Devices. Everyone will probably have their phone on them, but if anyone needs a laptop or tablet to check into work or school, by bringing it with you, you’ll know exactly where these items are when needed.

16. Chargers. Pack the correct chargers for phones, tablets, or laptops.

17. Power strip. It’s not always easy to access outlets before unpacking, and having a power strip on hand ensures everyone can quickly charge their devices.

18. Streaming or DVD. Bring DVDs or your streaming sticks to access movies when you’re ready to rest for the day.

19. Tools. You’ll probably need to assemble, tighten, or do minor fixes. Pack a small toolbox with the basics.

20. Box cutter. This little device will make life a lot easier when unpacking.

Ready to Plan Your Next Move?

Moving means juggling lots of details, especially on moving day. It’s easy to overlook essential items, but having a checklist can help.

Hiring professional movers can also make life easier. To learn more about our moving services or to obtain a free quote, contact us today!