6 Pre-Move Stress Relief Tips

Moving is famously stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. You can do many things to relieve your stress before a move happens. Engaging in pre-move stress relief practices can make your relocation less psychologically tricky and, therefore, less complicated overall. Here are some tips for making a household move

1. Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to anxiety, especially as you manage tasks requiring physical energy or brain power. A full night’s sleep helps you feel more relaxed and gives you the energy to handle your move with a clear head. This leads to fewer mistakes and less anxiety overall. 

You may feel like you must stay up working late into the night, but this only slows you down by wearing you out over time. Go to bed at a reasonable hour every night. Make finding sleep easier by spending at least an hour winding down before bed. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and more able to manage the day’s challenges. 

2. Meditate

Meditation helps regulate your breathing and calm your thoughts and can be done successfully in just a few minutes, so you can fit meditation easily into your schedule, even if you’re busy. If you’re not used to meditating, you may benefit from some guided meditation exercises. Guided meditation will help you understand meditation, so you can do it on your own later. 

3. Eat Right

Whole grains and proteins give you energy and help you stay healthy. When relocating, it’s easy to slip into a bad habit of eating unhealthy food. Many people stop cooking for themselves when they start packing up their kitchen appliances, so they turn to takeout food for many of their meals.

Finding ways to eat right as you’re packing and relocating can help you get energy and help you feel more up to the challenge of moving. Buy healthy snacks from the grocery store, like granola bars, fresh fruit, nuts, and beef jerky. Keep them on hand to have when you’re hungry. 

4. Make a Plan and a Checklist

Having a plan to follow can leave you feeling like the situation is under control, which can help you sleep easier at night. Make a moving plan and check off a list of tasks to get done before you move. Check items off your list daily, so you’ll feel the satisfaction and pleasure of accomplishing your goals. 

5. Declutter

Decluttering makes moving more manageable, and that reduces stress. Get rid of those things you won’t need in your new house. Declutter before you pack so that when you do, you’ll have fewer things to put in boxes. In addition to making packing a faster and easier process, decluttering can also reduce the cost of your move. 

6. Accept Help, Have Fun Together

You may have gotten offers of help from friends and family. Accept those offers. Relocating is easier and more fun when you have support from friends and neighbors. Have a packing party with pizza and snacks. Play music. Have fun!

Find the Right Moving Company

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