How to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Long-Distance Move

If you are navigating a long-distance move, you may face a lot of planning. However, one thing to tend to before you head out on the road is ensuring your vehicle is ready for the long trip ahead. Whether you bring your car to your trusted mechanic or handle the inspection yourself, you will want your vehicle thoroughly inspected. 

Check out a few tips to prepare your vehicle for your long-distance move and a few items to keep in tow along the way.

Tips for Preparing Your Vehicle

In the middle of moving to a new place, getting stranded on the way to your new home can be frustrating. Before setting out on the road, take a few minutes to ensure your vehicle is road trip ready.

Check the Tires and Spare

Ensure your tires are ready for the trip and you have a good, aired-and-ready spare. According to Forbes Wheels, there are three main points to consider during a tire check before a road trip, including:

  • Tire rotation – Tires don’t wear evenly, which can lead to some tires being more worn than others. Rotating your tires helps even out the wear and could help avoid problems with an overworn tire during a long trip.
  • Air pressure – Tire pressures can fluctuate with the temperature and fall over time. Before the trip, check the air pressure in each tire to ensure it is at the recommended point.
  • Tire condition – Assess visible tire problems, such as bulges, severely worn tread, or gouges. If you spot issues, the tire may need to be replaced before the trip.

Make Sure Fluid Levels Are Good

Check all fluid levels to make sure they’re not low. A car can naturally utilize more fluids during a long trip, so starting out low can lead to issues during your trip. Fluids you should check include:

  • Brake fluid
  • Transmission fluid
  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Windshield fluid

Check Windshield Wipers

Examine your windshield wipers for signs of damage, such as dry rot or breakage. Replace them if they’re not in good shape. Additionally, take a few minutes to clean your windshield thoroughly before heading out.

Test All Vehicle Lights

Check the brake lights, interior lights, turn signals, and headlights in all modes before setting out on your trip. Ensure all lights are coming on and functioning as they should, replace any bulbs or fuses, and clean your headlights if needed.

Essential Items to Keep in Your Vehicle During the Trip

Being prepared while traveling ensures you get to your new-home destination safely. Make sure you have:

  • A roadside emergency kit, including a flashlight, reflective warning triangle, tire-changing tools, jumper cables, and a basic set of tools
  • An essentials bag that contains items you could need along the way, such as medications, phone chargers, and pre-moistened wipes
  • Drinks and snacks so you can keep energy levels up and stay hydrated between stops

Ready to Get Moving?

With your vehicle ready for the long road to your new home, ensure you have a good team on your side to handle the rest of your belongings. Contact us to discuss your upcoming move with well-trained residential movers to ensure you have a smooth transition.