How to Sort and Pack Your Bedroom for a Move

Hiring packers and movers for your bedroom could cost hundreds and take just as long as doing it yourself. If you’re upgrading to a new apartment, a new house, or moving from your bedroom to a college dorm, you’ll soon realize you have more stuff than you thought. You could probably use some packing help or at least a little guidance.

There’s a reason so many people complain about packing and moving, that’s because it’s an overwhelming task. Statistics are showing that people find it more stressful than getting a divorce. To save from stress, you should make sure that you’re organized.

To stay organized, check out our guide to packing help for moving to a new place.

Gather Supplies

You’re going to need lots of supplies for packing. Before you begin, make a trip to your local hardware or moving supply shop.

Pick up lots of packing tape, ink markers, masking tape for marking things, bubble wrap, and scissors. If there’s a grocery store near you, ask if you can look through their cardboard boxes.

If you know anyone who works in retail, ask them to save some of their sturdy boxes for you. Make sure you have more of everything than you think you need.

Get Rid Of Things

Make a box for the corner of your room where you’ll put things that need to be donated. Over time, you’ve undoubtedly gathered a few too many shirts. There are probably some books kicking around that you don’t need anymore as well.

If you have any old technology that still works, think about donating them to a women’s health center or a domestic violence center. They’re often volunteer-run, donation-based, and often in need of technology.

Pack Some Essentials Separately

Pack a box of personal essentials such as a change of clothes and toiletries that you will need right away when you get to your new place. Also, pack some fresh bedding and your pillows in a separate box and label them so that those can be unpacked right away on the other end. It will save you the frustration of sorting through boxes to locate your bedding after a long moving day.  

Put Fragile Things Aside

You’re sure to have expensive or fragile things that you don’t want any movers getting rough with, even if those movers are your friends. Only you know what’s genuinely fragile and valuable.

Pack those things away first,  keep them off to the side and label them as fragile.

Use Soft Things Creatively

Get creative with your packing. When packing up your fragile possessions, supplement your bubble wrap and packing paper with your own soft items. Use some of your old t-shirts, socks, and softer pieces of clothing as packing materials. You’ll be able to save money while also producing less waste.

Doing this work in advance will help prepare everything for your movers once they arrive. Just be sure that you’re being economical about packing space. The more boxes you have, the longer your move could take.


Disassemble the bed frame, headboard, bookcases and any other furniture. Place any screws, bolts, or hardware in a plastic bag and tape it to the underside of the furniture, but be careful not to tape to areas that could be damaged when the tape is removed. This will allow you to easily locate these important small items when you arrive at your new place.

Ask For Packing Help When You Need It

Whether you’re asking friends or hiring someone, don’t handle everything yourself. Not only can it be unsafe, but you could break something unintentionally.

If you’re ready to get packing, then contact us for more tips on how to prepare for moving day.