Tips for Packing Glassware for a Move

Packing glassware for a residential move can be tricky. Poorly packed glassware breaks easily, leaving your box full of broken shards. You can arrive at your destination with your glassware intact by using suitable packing materials, packing glassware appropriately, keeping fragile items separate, and ensuring they are labeled. 

Choose the Right Boxes and Packing Material

Choosing boxes and packing material is the first step to packing anything. Selecting suitable materials is essential when packing glassware. Small to medium-sized, double-walled cartons are preferable because larger ones can get cumbersome. For packing material, you’ll need a combination of packing paper and bubble wrap. Check with your mover to see if they offer specially designed glass pack kits with cell dividers to keep the glasses separated.

Wrap Each Glass

Wrap each glass individually in bubble wrap or packing paper. Bubble wrap provides more cushion but can be more expensive than packing paper. If you’re on a budget, save the bubble wrap for the most delicate glasses. Use packing paper for sturdy, thick-walled glasses. 

To wrap a glass, place a piece of your packing material (whether bubble wrap or packing paper) on a table, then lay the glass down on the material on its side. Roll the glass in the packing material. Stuff the open end of the glass with the excess packing material. Use tape to keep the packing material tight around the glass if needed. 

Cushions the Top and Bottom of the Box

If you use a standard, sturdy box, assemble it with strong packing tape, then place a few layers of crumpled packing paper at the bottom. The box is ready to be filled with glasses. Place the wrapped glasses in the box, with the sturdiest glasses on the bottom.

Insert a layer of packing material or cardboard between the layers of the glasses. Allow space at the top for an additional layer of crumpled paper. Then close up the box. The top layer of packing paper should fill the box so the glasses can’t jiggle around or shift in transit. This is important for preventing the glasses from breaking. 

Keep Delicate Glasses Separate

Delicate glasses, like stemware, should be packed separately in their own small containers. Heavier, sturdier glasses could break stemware if you fill them together. Ensure that when you pack your stemware, you fold two sheets of tissue paper and wrap them around the stem of each glass to protect them. Then wrap the rest of the glass in packing paper or bubble wrap.

Mark the Box Appropriately

Label each box containing glassware with the words “FRAGILE” and “GLASSES.” If you’ve put heavier glasses on the bottom, mark which end of the box is up. Keep cartons that contain glasses separate from other boxes. If stacking boxes with glasses, keep the stacks short to avoid putting too much strain or weight on the boxes on the bottom. Be sure to point out to your moving company which boxes contain the most fragile glasses. 

Hire the Right Moving Company

Hire a moving company that respects your things and handles fragile items with care. Contact us today for a free quote and to discuss your upcoming relocation.