8 Tips for When You Meet the Neighbors

Research from Pew claims that fewer and fewer Americans know their neighbors. In fact, nearly a third have never even met their neighbors.

Reclaim the small-town American charm and meet the neighbors. Take some of the uncertainty out of your move by getting to know the people in your neighborhood with these exciting tips and ideas.

1. Introduce Yourself

Moving to a new neighborhood is a challenging endeavor. Even a planned, happy move is a daunting experience.

Don’t wait for your neighbor to make the first move. Take the initiative and introduce yourself. Begin by explaining that you’re their new neighbor and don’t forget to smile!

Having trouble making conversation? Find something you have in common. After all, you already have your new neighborhood in common. Discuss your children, work, or pets!

2. Host a Housewarming

Housewarming parties are an excellent way to meet the neighbors in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your family and friends.

Show off your interior decorating chops or brush off an old family recipe and “Wow!” your new neighbors.

3. Be the Helpful Neighbor

Lend a helping hand when it’s needed. Perhaps you see an older neighbor struggling with the lawnmower, or you see a neighbor that could use a tool you have in your garage.

Be the helpful neighbor and make a great first impression.

4. Be Social On and Offline

Many neighborhoods today are staying connected in person and online. You may be invited to a neighborhood Facebook group or group message. Accept with grace and introduce yourself virtually.

Online groups are an excellent way of easily chatting with your new neighbors and even meeting familiar faces that live farther down the street. Be active and kind online and in person.

5. Stay Active

The ideal way to get your bearings in a new neighborhood is to go for a walk or run. Learn the streets, meet people you normally would never run into, and get to know the geographic layout of your new neighborhood.

You may even find a running buddy while you’re at it!

6. Become a Member of the Community

Being an active member in your community shows commitment and charm. Become a voice in your community and attend meetings and events.

Show your emerging passion for your new neighborhood and become a trusted member of the community.

7. Know Your Boundaries

It’s important to be kind, but it’s also important to know your boundaries. Some people may not be that keen to meet their neighbors. Others may be on the quiet side.

Be conscious of people’s body language and look out for strained smiles.

You want to be a nice neighbor, not a nosy one.

8. Be Watchful

Keep a vigilant eye out in your neighborhood. Be aware and alert to what goes on, who you should watch out for, and always trust your gut.

Be watchful for the safety of your neighbors, as well as your own family.

Move and Meet the Neighbors

Your neighbors are very much a part of the moving experience. By following these eight tips, you can develop great relationships and lasting friendships with your neighbors!

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