Save Your Company Time and Money With These Moving Tips

Relocating your office and team is a massive task for any company. There is a lot to think about, so we’ve put together top tips to save time and money. Above all else, you’ll keep yourself from some unnecessary stress.

Plan in Advance

An office move is a lot of hard work, and planning is your key to success. For a small company, three to six months of planning is needed. For a medium to large company move, at least six to eight months of preparation is necessary.

Determine your needs for your new space and develop a timeline and checklist to make sure you stay on track.

Begin the process as early as possible. As soon as you have established your move date, contact moving companies for estimates, and secure one as quickly as possible.

Assign Your Team

Involve your staff in the move. Consider assigning a moving team or committee. This team can help organize the move and help transition the rest of the employees.

This moving team can help assign tasks and set deadlines for the move.

Create a Communications Plan

It is essential for your company to establish both an internal and external communication plan.

The internal communications plan for your employees will help keep them apprised of important events and procedures during the move.

An external communications plan will be for your valued external partners such as your customers and vendors. Develop a plan to communicate and share your new address, contact, and marketing information as well as to alert your customers and vendors about any downtime your office might have during the move.

Protect Confidential Information

Many office documents have confidential information included on them. Establish processes and policies to ensure that this information stays safe during the move.

Plan to Purge

At the back of those filing cabinets, there is likely old paperwork that hasn’t seen the light of day for years. Determine if you need to take it all with you. Have workers purge outdated documents based on standards you have established for retention.

Consider scanning documents into an electronic version or shredding the old ones that are no longer needed. Remember, the less you take, the less it will cost to move.

Take a Detailed Inventory

Assign a move manager for each department and ensure that they have involved their staff early on. Ask for them to keep a detailed inventory of each box and provide clear labeling. Consider using a color-coding system as the material is boxed up.

Check Insurance

Check with your insurance provider to see if you need specialized coverage during your move and transition period. Also, make sure that your insurance policies carry over to your business’s new location. You might need to update or adjust your coverage.

Keep insurance and emergency contact information with you during the moving process. This is important information to have handy.

Remember Time is Money

Moving an entire office can be stressful for everyone involved. Make sure that you have everything planned well in advance and that you have clearly communicated to all team members what will happen.

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How To Make Your New House Feel Like A Home

Congratulations! You’ve successfully executed your move and are living in your new house. But, how do you make it feel like a home? Follow these simple tips, and you’ll soon feel settled.

Deep Clean

For many of us, deep cleaning feels like a chore, but it will help you feel more settled. If you have the chance, start cleaning before you make the move. Otherwise, make the time to work around the furniture and the boxes.

Once you’ve scrubbed out the nooks and crannies of the house, you’ll feel in a much better position to start organizing. It will be well worth the effort.

Be Comfy

Sometimes, it’s the everyday comforts that make us feel established.

Don’t forget to pack your clean sheets and bedding in an “open first” box so that you have them immediately when you get to the new house. Make up the beds first so that at the end of a long moving day you will have a place to lay your tired body.

Light some of your favorite scented candles to fill your home with a familiar aroma that will have you creating new memories in your home.

Stick to Your Regular Routine

If you used to wake up in your old house and wander around with a coffee, then get everything in place so that you can do that in your new home.

If you used to throw your keys on the hallway table, then make sure that table is in place as well.

Recreating a routine will help you feel settled. Remember, you can always change it later.

Cook Some Homemade Meals

Nothing can beat the smell and pleasant feelings that come with a lovingly cooked meal. Keep the recipes simple, and you can’t go wrong.

Enjoy your new kitchen and appliances. Bring everyone together for a family meal and your new house will start to feel like home.

Relax in Each Room

Take the opportunity to get to know each room. Discover everything about your new place.

Learn what you like most about each room; Which room is best for the sun in the morning? What is the best way to organize the linen closet? Learn where all the light switches are.

Think of your new house as your new best friend and try to get to know everything about it.


A new home gives you a chance for new decorating possibilities.  Now that you are in your new place it’s time to get some decorating inspiration.

Check out the numerous inspiring Pinterest boards and perhaps consult your friends for advice on where to purchase new decor items to fill your home. Take a little time to plan out what colors you want in your new home.

You may want to paint some rooms to personalize your space. Look online, and you’ll find thousands of unique house projects that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Take Your Time

Take your time with adjusting. Your new house might not feel like home after the first evening, but step by step you’ll soon feel like it is. Take the time to relax and enjoy the comforts of your new home.

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Helping Children Move: Saying Goodbye And Introducing Your New Home

We all know that our children are the most delicate and precious beings. For them, moving can be an exciting and scary experience. It is natural for them to feel they don’t have any control over the situation. To make it easier, here are some simple tips for a kid-friendly move.

Create Their Own Special Moving Box

Give your child a cardboard box and let them decorate it however they want. Use stickers, markers, and crayons to personalize it then have them place their important treasures inside. Include their favorite toys, stuffed animals, and treasured photos. They’ll feel comforted knowing exactly where ‘Mr. Teddy’ is. When you arrive at your new home, take time with your child to carefully unpack the special moving box together.

Make Time for Goodbyes

Even though you have a million things to do to get ready for a move, consider hosting a small “going away party” with their friends. A fun, upbeat celebration with friends and family will go a long way helping them with the moving transition. Make it a point to gather addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of friends to stay in touch.

Get a Head Start With School

When possible, visit your child’s new school with them before the move. Remember your child may feel uncertain about being far away from their friends. Helping them create a new social circle will be significant. Children feel a strong sense of attachment to school and friendship groups so establishing this early connection is essential.

Find ‘Normal’ Again

Children thrive in safe and secure environments. Make sure that you take time to explain the move. Once you are in your new home, work quickly to establish schedules. Try to maintain usual bedtime routines and continue family traditions like Sunday morning waffles or popcorn and movie night. With a defined schedule and pattern, your child will find the move much less stressful.

Prepare their Bedroom

When you arrive at the new house, try to get your child’s room in order as quickly as possible. Make sure you have easy access to clean, familiar bedding especially for the first night in your new home. For a child, sleeping in an unknown place can be daunting. But if they have their own snuggly blanket and pillow from home, it will make them feel more relaxed than if they didn’t have those comfort items. Having their bedroom put together will also help them adapt to the new home and feel more secure.

First Night Fun

Make your first night in your new home a fun and memorable one. After a stressful day of moving, relax with some take-out food or delivery. Play a card game or watch a favorite movie. Don’t stress out about a home-cooked meal on the first night; you will have plenty of time for those once you have settled in a little bit. If your place is a complete mess, opt to go out to a fun family place for a bite to eat in your new hometown.

Get Social

Find clubs, activities, or sports teams for your child in your new community. This is a way for them to make friends with kids who have mutual interests. After school programs and park districts are good places to find these programs. Whether it is an art class or soccer team, these are excellent opportunities to meet other children their age.

Make Moving an Enjoyable Adventure

Moving is a trying and demanding time, and it is essential to limit the stress. The trick is to make it fun! Play favorite music while you pack, make a video of the move, color code the boxes, let them create their own special moving box.

When the move is complete save some boxes, so they can build a fort or use their imagination with the empty boxes. These activities will help keep them busy and distract them from the stresses of the move.

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Tampa: Getting The Inside Story Before You Move

Affordability, quality of life, and job opportunities are all reasons why the Tampa, FL area was recently named one of the best places to live in the US.

Known for its easy-going beach vibe as well as its large, convenient metropolitan area, Tampa enjoys the best of both worlds. Tampa has a unique culture and community making it an ideal area in which to relocate.

Tampa and its two sister cities, St. Petersburg and Clearwater make up what is known as the Tampa Bay Area.

Whether you’re thinking about moving to an area of Tampa or have already decided your moving date, let’s take a detailed look together and really get to know your new home.


The city of Tampa is often referred to as a big town with a small town feel. Tampa has a population of more than 350,000, and the average age is less than 35 years old. This makes Tampa’s population younger than almost all of the other major Florida cities.


Tampa was recently rated as the eighth most affordable city in the country. Tampa has relatively inexpensive housing costs compared to other parts of the country. And Florida has no state income tax.


Tampa’s summer is known as the hot, wet season lasting from May through October. The high temperatures in summer average around 90 degrees with high humidity. Summer means daily afternoon showers and occasional hurricanes. Low temperatures during this season average in the mid 70’s.

The winter months, November through April, is known as the dry season. Average daily temperatures are around 70 degrees with sunny skies and mid to low 50’s at night.   

The temperate weather allows Tampa residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoors all year long.

Arts, Culture, and Added Attractions

Rich in the arts and culture, Tampa is home to numerous excellent museums including the Museum of Science & Industry, Tampa Museum of Art, and the Glazer’s Children’s Museum. There really is a museum for everyone.

The Straz Center for the Performing Arts presents and produces world-class performances in music, dance, and theater in its five theatres. Arts education is also key at the Straz where they train students of all ages in dance, music, and theatre in its renown conservatory.

Residents and visitors alike also enjoy Tampa’s unique attractions such as the SS American Victory, Busch Gardens theme park, and the Florida Aquarium where visitors can swim with the fish, sea turtles, eels and even tiger sharks in the aquarium’s Coral Reef.   

Sports Teams

Tampa boasts four major league sports teams; The Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team, the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team, the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team, and the Tampa Bay Rowdies soccer team. Sports lovers all have something to cheer about.

Final Thought

When you are ready to make your move to the Tampa area, contact us, we would love to help get you settled in the community!

7 Ways To Build a Social Circle In Your New Location

Moving from any location can be a daunting prospect. Add in the fact that you could be miles, if not states away from your current social circle and the world suddenly seems intimidating. Don’t panic. Before you start retreating into an online-only world, try these seven reliable ways of building a social circle in your new location.

1. Research Before You Move

Before you even pack your bags, get online and explore your new town’s website or Chamber of Commerce website. Identify events, community festivals, local celebrations, farmers markets and local businesses that are of interest to you. Shortly after you move, make a conscious effort to meet new people by attending these upcoming events or visit the local shops that look intriguing.

2. Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors

By neighbors, we don’t just mean the people that live right next door. Your new neighbors could be the owners of local shops, parents accompanying their children to the bus stop or people out walking their dogs. If you are uncertain of anything about your new area, asking a neighbor is a great way to make new friends and find out information. Ask about anything from “what is the best pizza delivery in town” to “where is the closest recycling center.”

3. Find Local Groups on Facebook

Have you ever sat in front of your Facebook page and searched for your city? Well, give it a go, and you’ll be surprised at how many local groups there are, from swap shops to mother and baby groups, with a dose of everything in between. Some of the groups might be private but don’t let that deter you. Request to join and post on the wall.

4. Get to Know Other Parents at School

If you have children, then one of the best ways to meet new people is at your child’s school or through school-sponsored programs. It can be a bit intimidating talking to a group of parents who seem to have already formed a group, but remember, not only could you form a similar social circle you could also find some play dates for your children. This, in turn, will make it simpler for them to fit-in too, it’s a win-win situation.

5. Sign up for a Class or Club

Park districts usually offer classes and clubs. This is a perfect way to meet others who share a similar interest, passion or hobby. You will also automatically see these people on a regular basis giving you a chance to get to know them.

Or search for a club or group that reflects your interests on This location-based website offers many social groups that meet locally. So, if you’re looking for a running buddy, there’s a MeetUp group for that. Interested in free meditation? Yep, there’s a MeetUp. Want to learn photography? You’ve got it. There’s a group for that too.

6. Volunteer

Volunteer for a cause or perhaps a charity that you are excited about. Not only help others by volunteering, but you might also meet other people with similar interests and values as you. Sometimes doing something good makes you feel more confident and more likely to to be sociable and make new friends.

7. Say Yes!

Above all else, the best way to make a new social circle is just to say “yes.” If you’re tired from your big move, then you might tend to turn down invitations and skip the social interaction. Push yourself to get out and interact with new people. Whether it’s going over to someone’s house for dinner, a coffee date, or even a book club, just say “yes” and see where it leads.

Relax and Smile

Remember that people will react to your intention, so smile, introduce yourself, and you’ll soon have a fantastic new social circle.